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Cloudsplitter Bags' Summit Backpack Pattern Review | Sew My Style February 2020

Updated: May 4, 2020

Watch the video here:

I know I am so late to the game here, but I am revealing my Sew My Style make for February! If you’ve been keeping up then you know that last month we were able to choose between the Ilford Jacket by Friday Pattern Company and the Summit Backpack by Cloudsplitter Bags and Designs! The Ilford is a boxy jacket design that isn’t really my style so I opted for the backpack. I’ve actually wanted a bag like this for a while. I love crossbody purses and I love backpacks and this design combines all of those for a super functional, easy to wear bag!

As you know, I’m doubling the challenge by only using stash fabrics for Sew My Style, and I thankfully I had this super cute Pineapple canvas in my stash. It is from the Charleston Collection Art Gallery released a couple of years ago. For the contrast, I didn’t have anything suitable in my canvas/upholstery stash, so I had to dig into my heavy weight woven stash. I found this stretch twill in there from I don’t even know what…maybe a jacket…or a failed pair of pants? Anyway, it’s not a recommended fabric, but I knew it would be interfaced and the color was pretty spot on, so I went with it. For the lining, I had plenty to choose from so I picked this fun navy print for a little pop on the inside.

I really prefer bag zippers for bags. I know that might seem obvious but you can get away with using regular garment zippers. I just like the wider tape and the larger pull. Sourcing bag zippers isn’t super easy as you can’t really find them in a variety of colors at big box stores. I was able to find an assortment from Zipperstop on Etsy for a reasonable price. I asked them to try to include a navy and pink one if they could and they did!! The rest of the hardware can be found a Joann or Hobby Lobby.

Prepping the pieces for the bag was super simple. There are a few pattern pieces that need to be taped together when you print on standard 8.5x11 paper, but it came together easily and quickly. Then you have to cut out a bunch of other squares and rectangles and interface everything. Again, very straight forward process.

The sewing instructions were really good I thought. There were a lot of curves to sew and she provided some good tips for ensuring they set in correctly. Probably the coolest part of this pattern, though, is that the bag is sewn in a way that all the seam allowances are enclosed meaning you don’t have to bind any of them. You have a super clean finish on the inside and the lining is taught and doesn’t flop around or bag out inside. It’s awesome.

My only complaint is the front zipper. I really wish it were a double zip because when I unzip it all the way, everything inside falls out. So, I have to remember to only unzip half way to ensure everything stays inside.

And, because I know you guys are going to ask, the leather label is from Wunderlabel!

I’ve worn my Summit Backpack a ton…pretty much exclusively at Sew Expo and it was great to have room to carry everything I needed for the entire day and remain hands free to do all the shopping and give all the hugs!

Next months Sew My Style options are the Leyla Jane Willa Vest and the Liesl & Co Gelatto Dress and Blouse. I’m 99% sure I’m going to make the gelato because I want more tops in my wardrobe and have tons of fabrics in my stash to choose from. You can jump in and out of the Sew My Style challenge anytime you want, so if you haven’t participated yet, it’s not too late to start. If you do plan on participating which of the March patterns are you going to make?! Let me know in the comments section below!

Watch the video here:



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