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George & Ginger 40k Sway | Sewing Pattern Review

As you know, I started an online sewing challenge on Instagram called #SewTogether and today I’m revealing my version of January’s pattern, the 40k sway top from george and ginger. For the January pattern, I let my IG followers vote on 4 different patterns…the kicker, they were all free! And, I was so thrilled when they chose this one! It’s such a fun take on a tee and the neckline is just so cool.

The 40K Sway Top is a unique, asymmetric top with a faux or functional placket swoop neckline. It also includes two different long sleeve cuff options and a flattering, fitted silhouette.

I decided to make the faux placket because this was going to be more of a wearable muslin and I didn’t want to spend a lot of time on a placket if the top wasn’t going to fit. In the end, the fit is pretty spot on, but I never could have known that going in.

Speaking of fit, there are a few things that I want to point out in the event that you end up making one of these tops. The shoulders, bust and sleeves are all great. But, as we get to the waist and hip, the fitted design becomes a little looser. Totally not a deal breaker for this pattern. IN fact, you might prefer that. But, comparing mine to the one on the cover, the fit is rather different.

The pattern only gives you finished measurements for the bust, which happens to have 1 inch of ease. I graded between three sizes - a large at the bust, xl at the waist, and 2x at the hip. She uses alphanumeric sizing for this pattern so one size, large for example, is actually two sizes, 12/14. This could play a part in the waist and hip being a little looser because if you fall on the smaller end of the size range, then there’s going to be more ease. There are 3 inches in one size at the waist plus the ease that’s built in, so you can see how it could fit different on different people.

So, for my next one, I’m going to measure at the waist and hip to get the finished garment sizes and compare that to my sizes. I will probably end up sizing down in both areas, maybe 2 sizes in the hip.

One last thing to point out and that is the lengths. George and Ginger patterns are drafted for someone who’s 5 - 6 and I’m 5 - 5. So, the top did end up a little long on me. Perfect for tucking but it lands at my low hip unticked… more of a tunic almost. Also, the sleeves are a tad long, too. So, for my next version I’ll shorten both the bodice and sleeves by an inch or so.

Do you recognize the fabric? If you saw my Goodwill Haul, then you might! I made this top from a thrifted cotton jersey bedsheet! So, if you’re doing the math, I got the pattern for free and the sheet cost me $1.99! So, not including what my time costs, this top set me back two bucks!

There are no deadlines for #sewtogether so you can still make this top and participate in the challenge. I’ll be moving on to February’s pattern which you’ll learn more about in my upcoming plans video. In the mean time, let me know if you have any questions about the pattern or the challenge!

But, that’s going to do it for me today! Thank you so much for watching! I’ll see you all very soon! Bye!



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