*New Outfit* | Style Maker Fabrics Spring Style Tour 2021

The wait is over! My highly anticipated — by me at least — Style Maker Tour stop is here! So, hop on the train and let me take you on a journey. A sewing journey.

Tour, for me, always starts with an outfit first. If I go in just picking my favorite fabrics, I’d have too many ideas and get overwhelmed. So, this year, I knew I wanted something equally comfortable and cute. I’m getting a little tired of the leggings and skinny jeans and wanted something sweet and dressed up, but not too much. My style is definitely towing the line between dressy and casual these days.

I settled on a crop top, culotte, and swacket combo. Michelle and I were trying to find the perfect coordinating pieces. I was originally going to go with a rayon print that had a more lilac in it but we couldn’t find a knit that would work with that for the top. Then we settled on this rayon and knit but were struggling with the blazer fabric. Michelle went a little rogue and pulled this one from the non-spring collection fabrics and we both knew it was perfect even if it wasn’t technically from the spring collection.

So, let’s take a look at each fabric a little closer starting with the shorts. This fabric is a rayon voile. Let me repeat that… rayon voile! It’s like the kinder more well behaved sister of rayon challis. Challis is thinner and definitely more shifty. This voile still has all the drape that we love in a challis and super soft too but just does what you tell it too. Like any good little kid would do. LOL. The colors are absolutely so perfect for spring. Teal, lilac, a hint of blues and vanilla. It’s so pretty.

The fabric for the crop top is a mid-weight cotton jersey. The cotton jerseys from the swatch video are really great. I love them. But there’s something about this mid-weight version that feels so luxe and really expensive. I imagine it’s the same kind of knit that you’d find in a fancy department store’s tee-shirts. It holds it’s shape, has excellent recovery, is so smooth, and sews like a dream! It comes in a gazillion different colors too. This color is called aqua and it’s the perfect combo of blue and green. It’s bright without knocking you over.

The jacket fabric is their Ultra Plush Stripe Texture Sweater Knit. A Style Maker staple, it comes in 10 different colors including the one I’m wearing called Vanilla. The texture is really something else. It’s sort of like a rib knit but the ribs are much more defined. It’s a blend of Rayon, Nylon, Poly, and Spandex which creates this really interesting weighty fabric that’s super soft but also has the texture. I had toyed with using the wrong side of the fabric but ultimately decided I liked the juxtaposition of the textured jacket with the smooth jersey. It’s a really special fabric that I probably wouldn’t have picked out on my own, so I’m glad Michelle pulled it for me and suggested it for this outfit!

For the patterns, I went with a bit of a high-low theme. I’m loving discovering all the indie pattern companies through First Impression Friday’s and I probably wouldn’t have found the culottes without it.

These are the Rad Patterns Seaside Culottes. With just two pattern pieces, these are an absolute breeze (no pun intended) to sew. I wasn’t worried about fit too too much because the waist band is elasticated and the hip has so much wearing ease built in. I did make a muslin though because I just can’t be too sure with any pattern with a crotch.

The only change I made was to adjust the crotch depth and the dreaded back curve scoop. I have discovered through my pants fitting journey that have an L shaped curve and not a J so I’m not ashamed to scoop. It prevents wedgies, that’s for sure. As for the crotch depth, these were already pretty deep, but I did add 1/2” to the front depth and 1” to the back depth. I used a nice wide 2” elastic for the waistband and love how that anchors the flowy shorts. It’s was a little tricky to insert because it’s the exact width of the casing, but it was worth to get these beautiful gathers.

The top pattern is the Seamwork Astoria. I’ve actually made it before a few years ago and had mixed feelings about it mostly because of fabric choice which was a rayon jersey I believe. This time, I just knew that this mid-weight jersey would lay smoother and hold the structure of the design better. Because it’s a cropped top, balance and proportion are everything and I think that this jersey helps the pattern in this way. I did my usual grading but ended up taking in the side seams by 1/2” to get a more fitted band.

I love how the top hem hits right were the elastic waist band of the shorts ends. It’s like the illusion of a tucked in look without all that bulk or fussiness.

The jacket is the Alina Design Co Fulton Blazer. At $15 it was definitely a splurge, but I had seen so many great versions of this and read so many raves. It’s a fairly simple sew, the only challenge being that notched collar. But, I’ve had some practice at this type of seam lately so I sailed through it. I didn’t make any alterations for fit other than increasing the hip width by the appropriate amount to achieve the same amount of ease the pattern called for and I increased the length by 4”. Now, this pattern comes in 2 lengths already, but I didn’t like either of them for this version. I don’t really like jackets that hit at the low hip anyway, and this was not the right time for a duster length. So, I goldilocks-ed it and went somewhere in the middle. I love how it’s just slightly longer than the shorts. I think that creates a pretty and flattering leg line.