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Lindsey of Inside The Hem sitting behind a sewing machine in a sewing room.

Welcome, Sewist!



I'm Lindsey!

I'm your new sewing bestie! Whether you're a beginner or an experienced sewist, I'm here to help you improve your sewing skills.


    How Can I Help?

    Discover all the ways you can learn from me!



    I have more than 600 videos posted to my sewing channel. They cover everything from sewing pattern reviews and new pattern releases, to fabric swatch reviews and quick tutorials. I also post a sew-along almost every month where I walk you through every step of a sewing pattern as you sew it along with me.


    Digital Downloads

    Looking for digital downloads for sewing? I've got you! I offer a variety of designs that will help you stay organized and motivated. And, be sure to check out my Fast Fit Worksheet - it's a customer favorite! And don't forget to favorite my Etsy page to stay up-to-date on all my latest products.


    Sewing Classes

    There are lots of ways to learn to sew from me. You can sign up for my in-person private classes or group classes through Skillpop. If you'd prefer one-on-one attention, we can do virtual classes over video chat. And if you like to take things at your own pace, I've got an e-course that teaches basic garment sewing skills.


    Sewing Merch

    There's no better way to share your love of sewing with others than through my sewing merch. I design and sell print on demand sweatshirts, coffee mugs, license plate covers, stickers, and so much more. I'm always adding new and fun designs, so be sure to follow my Etsy shop to stay up to date with product drops.

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