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How to Learn to Sew In Person If You Live in Charlotte, North Carolina

group of girls in sewing class

If you've been itching to learn how to sew, but aren't sure where to start, you're in luck. Charlotte is home to a vibrant creative community with plenty of resources to help you start your sewing journey. Here's how you can learn to sew in person right here in the Queen City.

1. Local Sewing Workshops and Classes

One of the best ways to learn to sew in person is by attending local sewing workshops and classes. Whether you're interested in learning basic sewing techniques or diving into more advanced projects, you'll find a class that suits your skill level and interests.

Sewing 101 and learn how to make an A-line skirt with elastic casing and little projects like bows and emoji pillows.

Who: Adults and kids

Cost: $220

Duration: 1hr 45mins once a week for 5 Weeks

Mooresville, NC

Skillpop teaches a variety of classes from crafts to running a business and everything in between. They host a Sewing Machine Basics class every month followed up by a Sew Your First Project class.

Who: Adults

Cost: around $30 per class

Duration: 90mins classes once a month

Where: Multiple locations around Charlotte

Lindsey Johns is a sewing teacher and host of the popular YouTube channel, Inside The Hem. Her classes are set up to let you, the student, take control of the direction the sewing classes will go. You choose the date, time, and topic for each of your classes. She also makes house calls!

Who: Kids and Adults

Cost: $60/hour

Duration: Up to 2 hours

Where: South Park area

2. Sewing Meetups and Clubs

Looking to connect with fellow sewing enthusiasts while honing your skills? Consider joining a sewing meetup or club in Charlotte. These groups often host regular gatherings where members can share tips, swap fabric, and work on projects together. It's a great way to learn from others, get inspired, and build a supportive sewing community right here in your own backyard.

It's like book club but with sewing machines. Designed for all of us who sew or are learning to sew. We get together to share tips, tricks, fabrics, patterns, sewing wins -- and fails. Some events will be BYOSM and others will be social outings.

Monthly live Sip & Sew events where you can either bring your own project to work on, or work on quick-sew projects we have for you to practice on. We also host sewing workshops, virtual Sew & Chats and other fun events

women teaching a female student how to thread a sewing machine

3. Local Sewing Stores

Don't forget to pay a visit to your local sewing stores in Charlotte. Many fabric stores offer sewing classes and workshops taught by experienced instructors. Whether you're shopping for fabric or supplies, be sure to ask about any upcoming classes or events they may be hosting. You'll not only learn valuable sewing skills but also support local businesses in the process.

Beginner Sewing 1: This class explores beginning sewing terms, supplies and some notions. You will learn to plan a project and then sew it. You will learn basic sewing techniques and will sew projects to practice and reinforce them.

Who: Adults

Cost: $200

Duration: 2.5 hours one night a week for 6 weeks

Where: South Blvd, Charlotte

Get your sewing machine skills up to the task! Join us for Learn To Sew I and learn to use your sewing machine with confidence.

Who: Adults and Kids sessions taught separately

Cost: $150

Duration: 1hr 15mins once a week for 6 weeks

Where: Waxhaw, NC

Everything you ever wanted to learn about quilting - all in one series! Join Traci to learn the ins-and-outs of intermediate and advanced quilting techniques.

Who: Adults

Cost: $125

Duration: 5 hour classes once a week for a month

Where: Gastonia, NC

A variety of classes such as beginning sewing, quilting, home decoration, crafting, garment construction, and heirloom sewing.

Who: Adults

Cost: Up to $85

Duration: Depends on class topic

Where: Lowell, NC

Joann and Michaels

While both of these national chains are ripe for selling sewing supplies, currently neither of them offer in-person sewing classes. That said, they both have their own version of an online portal where virtual classes are taught. Michaels hosts in-store events that might include sewing classes at some point, but currently, none are available.

woman smiling while sitting behind a sewing machine

4. Community Education Programs

Check out community education programs offered by schools and colleges in the Charlotte area. These programs often include sewing classes and workshops designed for beginners. Whether you prefer evening classes or weekend workshops, you'll find flexible options to fit your schedule and learning style.

Central Piedmont Community College: With the growing popularity of the Maker's Movement, the field of sewing is experiencing a surge of interest. Whether you desire to learn to make or repair your own clothes, create custom home décor items, or enter the field of custom alterations, our sewing classes will equip you with the needed skills.

Who: Adults

Cost $165

Duration: 2.5 hours once a week for 6 weeks

Location: Matthews, NC

5. Sewing Events and Expos

Keep an eye out for sewing events and expos happening in Charlotte throughout the year. These events often feature workshops, demonstrations, and hands-on activities for sewists of all skill levels. It's a fantastic opportunity to learn new techniques, discover the latest sewing trends, and connect with fellow sewing enthusiasts in the Charlotte area.

The party where everyone wears what they make. Mingle with fellow sewers, creators, and makers for a one-night only cocktail party. Celebrate the local sewing community and dress for a night of fun.

When: October 19, 2024

Where,: Heist Brewery and Barrel ArtDress Code: "Queen City Chic"

Tickets: $125/pp. On sale June 14, 2024

So there you have its! Whether you're a complete beginner or looking to take your sewing skills to the next level, there are plenty of opportunities to learn to sew in person right here in Charlotte, North Carolina. So dust off that sewing machine, gather your supplies, and get ready to unleash your creativity in the Queen City!



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