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Kwik Sew 4275 Dog Dress Sewing Pattern Review

Alright, you guys! Here’s the Honey content you’ve been asking for!

I recently made Honey Kwik Sew 4275. It appears it’s out of print now, but my Joann has a bunch of these old Kwik Sew patterns in the drawers. And, of course, you can find it on sites like Etsy and Ebay.

The pattern comes with cuffs, collars, and two versions of dresses in sizes XS to XL.

I made Honey view C and omitted the ruffle trim. I was a little on the fence about the sizing, but figured the velcro closures would make it somewhat adjustable so I went for an XS and it’s perfect for her.

For reference she has a 7” neck girth and a 12” chest girth.

I got the main fabric from Joann. There have so many cute bee fabrics right now. The blue accent fabric was just a scrap leftover from a project I made for SONNY. So, this dress has a piece of him in it, too. Which, of course, I love.

The construction was pretty straight forward, but there was way too much hand-sewing for a dog dress, IMO. Thankfully, I was able to apply some of my human garment making skills to sew the entire thing on my machine.

If I made it again, I would also reduce the size of the bows by half. I mean, I love a bow, but these are just a little too big for her small frame. The bow is the same size for all sizes, FYI.

I think this pattern is a great sloper, if you will, for Honey and I can imagine all sorts of hacks to create different looks. So, be sure to stay tuned for that.



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