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Simplicity 8016 Top Sewing Pattern Hacked Into Pajama Dress

Updated: Feb 13, 2021

Well, it wouldn’t be Isolation if I didn’t post a pattern review of some pajamas, right? A true sign of the times. If you’re like me, you’ve been wearing knit fabrics non-stop and only changing out of your night pajamas to your day pajamas. right? You can admit it. We are all friends here. haha.

So, let me tell you about this super cute little pajamas dress I made.

I actually hacked a top pattern to make this dress. The pattern is Simplicity 8016. It’s described as an easy to wear top pattern for misses that can be high-low in knit or stretch lace with or without half sleeves. Top can also have lace yoke with optional 3/4 sleeves with lace band.

So to convert this into the pajama dress, I chose the view with no lace, view A. I flattened out the hem to resemble view C. As you can see, it’s already a tunic length, so I didn’t have to add much length, but I cut the pattern along the waist line and added about 6 inches.

I also redrafted the neckline. I just wanted something a little more open since I knew I’d be sleeping in it. The current neckline looked like it might be a little constricting.

To lower the neckline of this top - or any garment for that matter - is super simple. I have a video tutorial on how to do it. It’s honestly no big deal.

Ok, so after straightening the hem, lengthening the dress, and lowering the neckline, I was finally ready to work with some fabric!

I chose this rayon jersey from my stash. I got it from Joann’s clearance section a few years ago. Do you remember when they had the Nicole Miller collection? This is one of the fabrics from that collaboration. I love the colors and the print is so cool. So, when I was laying out the fabric, I wanted to make sure I placed the floral parts strategically. I love how the pattern placement turned out.

As you can imagine, I’ve already worn this little dress a lot. It’s so comfortable to sleep in and I can lounge around in the day while still feeling a little pulled together and dare I say dressy?!

If you saw my April plans video then you know I’ve already got another one planned. The pattern alterations I made were spot on so might as well keep using it right?

Well, I hope you guys are all doing ok and staying healthy and hiding out. And, if you can make some killer comfy clothes in the mean time, well, then that’s a pretty good silver lining to this whole thing.

Want to see this dress in action? Watch the video, here:



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