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You should probably STOP sewing curved waistbands

Today we're going to talk a little bit about waistbands -- and maybe more importantly or more specifically -- the idea of a curved waistband versus a straight waistband. I think at least in the circles that i am in online there is this sort of notion that curved waistbands are better than straight waistbands or it indicates a pattern is better drafted and i just don't think it has anything to do with that.

In my opinion the type of waistband or the shape of the waistband that you should be using depends completely on where on your body that waistband is going to hit. That is so perfectly illustrated using my DittoForm.

Watch the video to see the demonstration:

I think the amount of curve is so unique to each person especially at the natural waist as we start to go down into the curves of the body. Maybe a little bit less so but at the natural waist. I don't think we need nearly as much curve as some of the pattern designers are giving us. So I would much rather just take a straight piece of tracing paper, wrap it around my body, and then take out the small small little wedge that i have to take out and now I have a custom waistband that is made exactly for the shapes and the curves that I have.

So, the next time you come across a pattern that has a curved waistband, or a straight waistband, for that matter try to reserve any judgment until you can either tissue fit or muslin that particular waistband.

Of course, like i said in the beginning, it definitely depends on where that waistband is sitting on your body and if it's higher up at your natural waist it's going to naturally need to be a little bit flatter. That's just how our bodies are made. If it's lower on the waist then you're gonna have a little bit more curves there.

Making a custom waistband using a DittoForm or even just wrapping some tissue paper around your body is not difficult to do at all. So I encourage you to kind of just maybe like forget about whatever waistband the pattern designer has included and just start making your own every single time.

You'll obviously have a much better fit in the end because it was truly made for you. I mean think about it if we're having to make bust adjustment, hips adjustments, grading out here and there, then why aren't we doing the same thing with our waistbands. They deserve just as much attention as any other part of our body in order to get great great fit.

Don't forget to check out DittoForm. She is actively on the road doing scans in different parts of the country different times of the year. So I'm going to link you to her schedule. Of course, if your city is not on that schedule reach out to her anyways and let her know that you are interested because she will plan a trip around your area if there are enough of you that have expressed interest. But that is going to do it for me today, ya'll! Happy waistband making!




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