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Blank Slate Patterns Marigold Dress in Liberty of London Strawberry Thief | Sew My Style September

I need you guys to give me a round of applause. This is my make for SEPTEMBER’S Sew My Style and what do you know…it’s actually September’s release day! haha. I’m kidding, but I am really proud that I cranked this guy out. Let me tell you all about it.

The options for Sew My Style this month were the Sew Liberated Lichen Duster and the Blank Slate Patterns Marigold Dress, Top, and Skirt.

The Lichen is not my style at all. Nothing against the pattern but I just don’t tend to gravitate toward the slouchy, natural oversized nature of it. For an outer layer, I much prefer something cropped or tailored or more structured.

The other pattern, however, is totally my style. So, much so, I already had this pattern in my stash!

The Marigold features a half button placket, stand collar, forward and gathered shoulder seams, set in sleeves and an elastic waistband. Then, you can choose between two lengths and three sleeves, add pockets or not, and include a sash if you want. Additionally, there are instructions for just sewing Marigold as a skirt! It’s really a powerhouse pattern!

Obviously, more is more for me so I did all the things. haha. I made the knee length dress with pockets, short sleeves, and the sash. I made no alterations other than sizing up in the bodice due to reviews of small armcye’s tight upper busts and lowering and straightening the sleeves for a more flattering look on my arm. I also added two rows of 1/4” inch elastic because I prefer a more substantial elastic waistband.

The pattern comes together really quickly as there are no darts or pleats. There’s a neat little trick that indie pattern designers love called “the burrito method.” If you’re not familiar with it, it encloses the seams of your back yoke and shoulder seams with no hand sewing.

The fabric is Liberty of London’s Strawberry Thief that I’ve had in my stash forever. I cannot remember where I got it but I can almost guarantee I didn’t pay full price. One of my favorite tips for super expensive fabrics like this one is to buy them on clearance from I’ve got a link in the description box that will take you directly to the Liberty fabrics that are on clearance right now. Most of them are about $20 a yard. Still pricey, but certainly a savings. The prints will not be the latest and greatest releases but in a year or two no one will care and you’ll just feel so good wearing your Liberty make.

A little fun fact about this make. So, I had never make this pattern before, even though I owned it because I had tried the stand collar before on another pattern and had less than desirable results. And, for whatever reason, that created a block in my brain that told me I shouldn’t sew collars like that. I even considered finishing the neckline of this dress without the collar. Seriously…if there’s a PTSD of sewing, I had it.

And, you know what? Sewing this collar was no big deal. My skills have obviously advanced and I was able to sew the collar no problem at all. So, I just want to tell you all that if you’ve developed a fear or some self-doubt or any negativity about something due to a past trau to let it go. It was holding me back and I’m certain yours is holding you back too. Appreciate where you’ve come from but embrace all the growth you’ve had too!

But, that’s going to do it for me today. Thank you so much for watching! I’ll see you all very soon! Bye!



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