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Kortney Bodysuit | Sew My Style January 2020

Updated: May 4, 2020

Watch the video, here:

Sew My Style has kicked off another year-long challenge and I can’t wait to show you what I made for the first month. In January, we were able to choose from the Kortney Bodysuit by Rad Patterns and the Tania Culottes by Megan Nielsen. I’m doubling the challenge with the Sew My Style projects by only sewing from my stash, and I had a better fabric for the bodysuit than I did for the culottes so I made the Kortney! I’ve wanted a bodysuit for a while anyway, so this fit my wardrobe needs better, too.

The Korney Bodysuit is a wardrobe staple that features 5 sleeve lengths (cap, short, elbow, 3/4, and long) as well as 3 different back options - low, mid, and high. One of my favorite thing about Indie pattern designers is they take great care in showing all the variations of their patterns on many different body types. It really gives you a good idea of what the garment will look like on your figure and, personally, it gave me great confidence in my design choices.

When I reviewed this pattern upon first impression, I did notice some fit issues on the models. Namely, the fact that the armcye seam was being pulled down by the sleeve. It’s hard to know what is causing this just by looking at pictures. It could be the pattern itself, the fabric the tester used, or the testers sewing skills. So, I decided to forge ahead with the version I liked most and see what happened.

So, I ended up making the low back and long sleeves. The fabric I used is a modal jersey knit from Style Maker Fabrics. They describe it as an Ultra soft modal knit in classic navy blue. Light weight with amazing drape and recovery, this knit is a great choice for wardrobe staple T-shirts and other knit tops.

I could not agree more. This knit is so soft and the 100% stretch is great for a bodysuit because it needs to hug so many curves. No body wants your bodysuit to dig into your legs or bum or stretch too thin around your bust and arms.

Ok. So, without further ado…here’s my version of the Kortney Bodysuit!

On this day, I wore it with some ready-to-wear denim trousers that I got from Goodwill and did my little fitting trick to get them to fit in the waist. I also had a pink ponte knit cardigan I wore over, but I can’t show you that just yet since it’s a newer make. I wanted today’s video to be all about the bodysuit!

But, I found that the bodysuit was super comfortable to wear from the waist down. But, as you can see, the sleeves are, in fact, pulling the garment off my shoulders…just like the tester model. So, there’s a little bit of tugging to keep them up from time to time. It’s not so annoying that I won’t wear this bodysuit again, but it is annoying enough that I want to fix it. I’m sure with the mid and definitely the high-rise back options, this won’t happen since there’s some fabric across the back to help keep them up.

The leg openings of the bodysuit are not finished with elastic as one might imagine. It’s just a knit band like the neckline. When I was making this, I was sure this was going to ride up my bum into wedgie territory, but I was so wrong. The bands are drafted perfectly to hug your legs without being too tight and never riding up.

Speaking of the bands, the are constructed in the way that bias tape is done in woven fabrics. Which, for a knit this lightweight was never going to be executed perfectly. So, instead of following the instructions, I just pressed the bands in half lengthwise and served them onto my neckline and leg openings in one step. The serger threads do touch my skin but it’s not rough, itchy or uncomfortable when I’m wearing it.

And, because I know you guys are asking yourselves about the bra situation, I am wearing one. It’s a low-back bra from Free People. I’ve linked it in the description box below. It’s not going to support the fuller bust gals out there but I’m a B/C cup and I’m very comfortable in it.

I cannot wait to pair this bodysuit with all my spring and summer skirts and dressy shorts. I know it will get a lot of wear nearly year-round.

Watch the video here:



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