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McCall's 7402 Sewing Pattern Review & 4 Ways to Style It

Well, it’s finally here! I’m showing you my Crinkle Rayon Jumpsuit today. The one with the polarizing pattern, McCall’s 7402!

So, let’s start there. The pattern is described as a Pullover, sleeveless dress and pull-on jumpsuit have V-neckline, draped sides and narrow hem. Once you start sewing it, you realize that the only difference between the dress and the jumpsuit is a single line of stitching attaching the center front to the center back thereby creating a crotch seam.

So, I actually cut view A and then followed the instructions for view D. This gave me a shorter jumpsuit which is think is a little more flattering on me since I’m not super tall.

Throughout this video you’ll see that I’ve styled the jumpsuit a few different ways. I started with a turtleneck layered underneath and then added a gold chain belt for some waist definition.

I have it layered with the turtle neck because the back is really open. This is not the original design. It’s supposed to have a keyhole opening with a button closure at the top. But, I can’t for the life of me figure out how anyone is supposed to button a single button in their mid back below your neckline and above your bra line. It would take a real contourtionist to pull that off. So, for this version, I just left it open. And, in doing that, my bra shows. So, I either have to wear it with a lacy bra which is really cute or layer it with a turtleneck underneath which is wonderful for the cooler weather we have right now.

For my next version I decided to ditch the turtleneck and throw on a denim jacket… Me made of course and a cute pair of sneakers. I’ll have information and links to all these styling pieces in the description box. But, back to the jumpsuit. You can really see how low cut the front is. That combined with the problem that I came across on the back makes me want to redraft my next version to raise the neckline all around while keeping the armye’s the same. Because the fit in the arm is really quite good. I would totally wear this outfit to run errands or for a casual date.

The next look I put together is one for work or church. I threw on a duster cardigan, again me made, and cinched it all in with a purchased belt. I topped it off with a pair of black wedge heels. The hemlines obviously don’t match as the jumpsuit has more of a handkerchief hem and the cardigan is hemmed straight. But I think this makes the jumpsuit all the more interesting.

Let me use this time to tell you guys about the fabric. It’s a crinkle rayon from Joann. It’s more of a summery fabric so the options for what’s available now is a little limited, but they have some deep, rich solids like this green one. and I’m obsessed with this blue cheetah.

the crinkle rayon is great for a garment like this because it’s drapey, which is pretty much mandatory but it’s also opaque. And, since the jumpsuit is unlined, is also mandatory.

one negative about the crinkle rayon though…it does tend to grow as you wear it, especially along the grain line. But, it shrinks back up when you wash it.

It has a super soft hand and a little bit of weight to it…at least for a lightweight rayon. There’s also a little bit of texture to it which is nice.

Which brings us to our final look. This is definitely dressing up the jumpsuit bringing it to it’s full potential. I’ve thrown on a faux fur copped jacket, you guessed it made by me, and sprarkly gold heels. I’ve also added some gold accessories. The whole look just screams date night, fancy concert or ballet, or even new year’s eve or a black tie event.

One more thing I want to point out about the pattern is the facing. The neckline and straps are an all in one facing, but the facing is really only about 2” wide meaning it tends to want to flip out despite my best understitching. So my recommendation would be to extend the facing to 10 inches or so so it’s more like a lined bodice and then tack it down at the side seams and center back seam.

So, that’s it! I know the pattern isn’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea, but I hope it did a good job of showing you how versatile it can be and you found it to be more flattering than you initial thought it might be.

As always, I welcome your thoughts about my make! I just can’t wait to hear what you guys think. Don’t worry, I love it and no one will change my mind about that.

But, that’s going to do it for today! Thanks so much for watching! I’ll see you all very soon! Bye!



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