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Peppermint Magazine + Pocket Skirt | Sewing Pattern Review

It’s Sew Together reveal day! This month everyone worked on the free Pocket Skirt pattern in Peppermint Magazine.

The pattern was designed by Thread Theory and features a relaxed midi silhouette, a flattering gathered waistband and oversized ‘just in case’ panel pockets.

I challenge myself you use a fabric from my stash and I’ve been holding on to this variegated stripe linen for years. I got it from Greyline Linens in New York’s Garment District way back in 2017.

The fabric featured stripes in three distinct colors and I knew I needed to play around with that placement some. So, I decided to run one color up the center front and back and then place each of the other colors on the side panels.

I didn’t have enough length of fabric to cut the full length of the skirt in the pink stripe, so I shorted the skirt by nine inches and then added back a 6” panel running the stripe in the opposite direction.

I love the super wide waistband for a loose fitting skirt like this. It really anchors the skirt and balances out the hem width.

And, these pockets! I haven’t tried yet, but I’m pretty sure I could fit Honey in one of them! They are so big, but this is what makes this skirt so unique and unlike anything else in my wardrobe.

It’s the perfect, casual, relaxed, easy skirt.

I’ve paired mine today with a ready to wear crop top, but I have a Helen’s Closet Ashton cut out of this same linen to make a matching set. So, stay tuned for that video.



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