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Wythe McCall's aka M8144 | Sewing Pattern Review

I really only have a couple of weeks left to wear this sweater, so I figured I better get it up on the channel ASAP! This is Wythe McCall’s and, you guys, I love it so much! It’s the perfect pattern paired with the perfect fabric!

The pattern is Wythe McCall’s aka M8144. It’s a cowl neck pullover with sleeve and hem variations. I made view A with the length of view B. I made my usual alterations of grading out at the hips and waist but didn’t change anything else about the body of the sweater.

At first, I was a little leary of the center front seam. I was going to omit it until I realized it was necessary to create the cowl in the neckline. So, I kept it in. But, I knew I didn’t want a serged seam down the front of my body, so I just pressed the seam allowances flat and left the edges raw.

The cowl neck comes together pretty easily once you wrap your head around what they are trying to get you to do. The cowl front and the cowl back are sewn together with the shoulder seam to create one seam. It’s really interesting and an effective way to achieve this grown on neckline. I left the raw edge of the cowl unfinished as well.

As you can imagine the sleeves are really easy to sew because of the drop shoulder. There is virtually no shoulder cap so the tube of the sleeve is easily sewn into the armcye.

The pleats of the sleeve are really the star fo the show here. A series of pleats, they are so easy to sew and look like a million bucks. I did end up reducing the length of the cuff by about half. I didn’t want as much of a victorian flare to the sleeve and reducing the cuff made the sleeves a little more feminine and less costumey.

This fabric is just so soft and dreamy, it’s like wearing a cloud. It’s from Style Maker Fabrics, and comes in four colors. The cream that I’m wearing and the blush are both on backorder, but the navy and black are in stock now. You’re going to want this fabric in your stash for when fall rolls back around, I promise! It’s so good.

And, that’s that. My Wythe McCall’s. I’m going to try to eke out a few more wears by pairing it with skirts. I just don’t want to put it away just yet.



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