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York Pinafore | Sewing Pattern Review

Well, I have to give it to you guys! Many of you told me how much you love the York Pinafore after I did the Helen’s Closet First Impression Review. So, I got it, made it, and i LOVE IT! You were all so right and also know me well! It’s the perfect combination of cute, because it’s a dress and comfortable, because it’s so loose fitting. I’ve loved wearing it the many many times I’ve worn it since I made it.

So, if you’re living under a rock like I was, here’s the down low on the York Pinafore. According to the website descriptions, it is a modern take on a classic pinafore dress with a cocoon shape and two views. View A features large scoop pockets, a dipped neckline, and comes to the knee. View B is a shorter length with a high neckline and a kangaroo pocket.

I made view b but with the pockets from A. I can’t remember exactly which size I made but I graded out to my measurements at the waist and hip according to the tips in the instruction booklet. I didn’t add any additional ease anywhere and chose the sizes based exactly how my measurements fell in the chart.

There are a few things I’d change fit-wise next time. First, I’d make the bib wider. I have a smaller chest and I think the way the pattern is graded has the bib getting narrower the smaller your chest measurement is. However, just because my bust measurement is one size doesn’t mean that my boobs are close together. In other words, I think I have a wide chest that just isn’t that proportional to the bust measurement. Just a couple of inches on either side and I’ll be good I think.

I also think the waist ease is a little generous. I think it’d be more flattering on me if I were to take the waist side seams in by an inch or so on both sides.

Other than those two things, everything else fits great. I love the length as is and the neckline is just the right shape, too.

I made mine from a stretch denim I got somewhere in NYC a few years ago. It’s a great weight but is still malleable due to the stretch. It takes an already comfortable design and makes it even more so.

The raw edges are all finished with bias tape which is fine, but I’m not great at sewing it. For my next one, I might consider a narrow facing instead. This would mean my topstitching would be wider set, but I think that could be a cool look. I don’t know…I just don’t like how sloppy my bias looks especially after one wash. Have ya’ll ever tried another edge finish on the York? Or any tips for perfect bias tape? I use a bias tape maker so it’s not that. Might just need to bite the bullet and use the purchased stuff since it seems to be sturdier and less likely to shift on me.

Well, that’s all I have on the York Pinafore. I genuinely love this make and can’ wait to make some others.

Thank you so much for watching! I’ll see you all very soon! Bye!



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