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I film with my iPhone XS.

All videos are filmed in landscape mode.

Indoor videos are filmed in front of a window with as much natural light as possible.

Outdoor videos are filmed on a cloudy or overcast day. If you can't see your shadow on the ground, it's the perfect day to film.

I set my camera on a tripod with a phone adapter.

When I'm filming inside, I use a lighting kit to supplement any natural light.

When I'm outside and need a little lighting boost, I'll use a ring light.


I use iMovie on my MacBook Air.


For all my photos, I also use a remote that connects to my phone via Bluetooth.

I use PicMonkey for any graphics (photos with text) and for all of my Pinterest posts.

I use the free Lightroom app on my phone to adjust the exposure for all my photos.

I have a paid preset pack installed in Lightroom that makes these edits simple and thoughtless.


I use Later to schedule some of my social media posts.

I use to link all my videos (when applicable) to each individual Instagram post.

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